Following the earthquake that hit Nepal in april 2015, some of the glacial lakes have probably been affected.


In august 2015, two engineers from GDH went to Kathmandu to collaborate with the department of hydrology and meteorology of the government of Nepal (DHM). The aim was to carry out a preliminary hazard assessment on the post earthquake situation of the 21 most hazardous lakes in the Nepali Himalayas.


The purpose of this study is to give a priority on the lakes where it is urgent to have a site visit for a full hazard assessment.


To carry out this work, high resolution satellite images and digital elevation models were used.


During our stay in Kathmandu we also trained an engineer from DHM to use geographic information systems (GIS) softwares.


The report is now online in the Reports section.


A site visit in collaboration with DHM is planned for March/April 2016. The trip will also include a training session with DHM's engineers.


GDH is looking for funds to support this next mission.

Chola Tsho. Photo: Didier LEMARECHAL
Chola Tsho. Photo: Didier LEMARECHAL