The association des Géorisques et Des Hommes was founded in 2013. It aims at protecting populations at risk from natural hazards (earthquake, landslide, block falls, flash floods etc...) in mountainous areas.


GDH's main focus is some of the numerous glacial lakes in Nepal ( G.L.O.Frisk) . The first lake on which GDH carried out a risk assessment is in the Manaslu range. The team carried out a first phase of study and analysis of the available data in geotechnics, hydraulics (modeling of debris flows) and in climatology (climate change impact). The second phase of this study was in November 2013, ,it included a detailed field investigation of a number of glacial lakes in Nepal.

The aim of these studies is to design risk mitigation solutions via the development of risk maps or low cost risk mitigation measures.


GDH would like to thank the following foundations  PETZL, INSOLITES BATISSEURS and TERRES D'AVENTURES without whom the studies could not have taken place.