The team:

  • Didier LEMARECHAL- Expert geotechnical engineer, manager of MEIGE, president.
  • Franck MACHETGeotechnical engineer, manager of ALPES INGÉ,treasurer. 
  • Philémon AUTIN  - Independant hydrology and hydraulics engineer, secretary.


They work with GDH:



  • Pierre ANTOINE - Honorary teacher at POLYTECH institute of technology.
  • Denis FABRE -  Expert geological engineer, professor at the CNAM, Paris - specialised in the stability of rocks, soil and permafrost.
  • Eric BRUN - Expert engineer and scientist, specialist in snow and climate change. 
  • Dominique LAIGLE -   Expert engineer in Hydraulics at IRSTEA - specialist in mud and debris flows.
  • Christine GACHET - Geotechnical engineer, ALPES INGE - DESS in environment
  • Maxime LEGER - Geotechnical engineer, ALPES INGE - specialised in hydraulics.